The Spreadsheet UI for Python

Load data and use AI to generate Python code to perform data exploration

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What is PySheets?

PySheets provides a spreadsheet UI for Python, allowing users to perform exploratory data science, use Pandas, create charts with matplotlib, import Excel sheets, analyze data, and create reports. All the Python code runs in the browser, and PySheets itself is also written in Python.

With PySheets, users can load any Python package and JS module to leverage the huge data-science ecosystem without needing to write much code.

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Powerful Features

  • Import and export Excel sheets quickly
  • Explore and analyse data with Pandas
  • Create Python code using AI prompts.
  • Visualize your data with Matplotlib to embed elsewhere.
  • Get immediate results with minimal coding
  • Collaborate with team members on shared sheets
  • No setup, no kernels, no expensive cloud costs
  • Leverage the entire Python and JS ecosystems
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PySheets in the News

PySheets in the news


This chart is served by PySheets using the "embed" feature 🔥.


Free - 🚀

Unlimited editing of sheets, AI generations, data workflows in the browser. Nothing uploaded. Your data is safe. Everything running locally. No Python logic running in the Cloud.

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Enterprise - 🤝

Commercial license, single sign-on, on-prem install, support, and audit dashboards. Customizations. Talk to us for details.

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“Client-side spreasheeting, with built-In Python?? Yes please!” - JG “I love the flexibility of Python with the distinct recognisable spreadsheets interface and visualisation.” - ***** “PySheets enables array based coding, which I like!” - FK “Anything that combines cells with python is awesome!” - FG “PySheets is easy to use and can be customized.” - IT “Unique fusion of Jupyter notebooks and spreadsheets.” - FE “I get a process flow diagram, spreadsheet, and scripts.” - B2 “PySheets uses the open source LTK, which has me intrigued.” - AL “Interactivity + Excel + Never Leave Your Browser!” - PZ “PySheet bridges the gap between non-technical analysts and data scientists.” - ***** “Awesome work on PyScript. Pushing the platform to the fullest extent.” - ***** “PySheets is Excel for folks who are Python first coders.” - NA

The Team

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PySheets was developed by Chris Laffra, a Dutch software engineer.


The Spreadsheet UI for Python

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